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Zacardo Family Cemetery (Blyn Cemetery)
(Clallam County East)
End of Zacardo Road
Sequim, Washington
A private cemetery owned and maintained by descendents of the Zaccardo
family.  Luigi and Rosemarie Zaccardo established their 10-acre homestead
in the early 1900s, and set aside land for a family burial plot.  The oldest
grave is dated 1905.  As of 1991, there were more than 100 burials.  It is
separated into several family surname sections, including Romo, Correa,
Mitchell, Finneraly, Sofie, and Monez. 
‚ÄčThe Zaccardo family followed the Italian tradition of primogenitor for decades,
handing  down the responsibility of the cemetery maintenance from father to
eldest son. This changed in 1982, when a group of Zaccardo siblings assumed responsibility, with the intention of passing the responsibility to younger generations.
Clallam County Genealogy Society has an alphabetic list of burials, with names, birth dates, deaths, and  burial  location.  The list was compiled in 2008, and includes  burials from 1905 to 2007.