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Gyrenbad Cemetery
(Clallam County)
Washington USA
This cemetery is probably located on the property bought by Charles Peters in 1891 at Township 30-N Range 7-W Block 2 N1/2 S1/2
An 1894 ad in the Port Angeles Tribune – Times newspaper offers lots for sell. The ad states that “Plans can be seen at the store of the funeral director, J. M. Martin, or at the residence of Charles P T RS.”  The location listed was Tumwater Hill, opposite Mynett’s Store in Port Angeles.  No other information is available at this time.
The funeral of the little child of Mr. and Mrs. Walby, who reside on Tumwater Hill [Port Angeles], which died last Thursday, took place last Saturday. The remains were buried in Gyrenbad cemetery.
Democrat Leader 15 September 1893