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Freshwater Bay Cemetery (Evertt-Schoeffel Family Cemetery)
(Clallam County)
West of Port Angeles, near Freshwater Bay
Washington USA
A small, private cemetery located on the Everett property, near Freshwater Bay, with burials in the early 1900s.  Clallam County Genealogy Society has a typed report from 1987 that details the condition of the cemetery, the four gravestones that remained, and a hand drawn map of burial locations.  The information came from visual survey of the cemetery and a meeting with Carl Everett, who had a family notebook that recorded burials.  The report also recaps handwritten notes from a meeting with Jean Schoeffel in the 1970s.  There is some additional information such as relationships and cause of death. Some of this oral history was confirmed through Clallam County Public Health Department records.