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Research Center Update

The snow and rain caused a leak in the roof.  Initially the water was pouring in like a faucet was on and about an inch of water covered the floor..  As far as we can tell, the leak is confined to the Conference Room.  Our insurance compay was notified.  The roofer was called in.  Serv-Pro was called and came in Friday to start the clean up.  Fred, Gail, Roberta and I had to empty the conference room of furniture, equipment, supplies, books, etc. Serv-Pro vacuumed up about 50 gallons of water.  Testing was done and the drywall had wicked up moisture about 1 foot up the walls.  The ceiling was still leaking but down to drips that could be captured in buckets now.  Improved weather over the weekend has resolved that problem. About 8 industrial fans and a dehumidifier have run all weekend and will continue until the carpet and walls have dried. 
Since the original part of the building was built in about 1940 and several additions since then, the celing and walls had to be tested for asbestos and lead paint.  That was done and sent in.  Results most likely won't be back until Tuesday.  The roofer is coming back today to assess the roof.  The insurance adjuster will be in today. At the very least we know we have to fix the leak in the roof and repair the celing in the conference room.  Most likely the whole ceiling in the conference room will need to be removed to get any wet insulation out.  If they find any lead paint or asbestos, of course there will require intervention by specialists for remediation before any further repairs can be made.. 
So to make a long story short, the CCGS Research Center will remains closed until further notice.  We won't know the full extend of damages for a few days yet. I will continue to keep you all posted on the latest developments.
By the way, if you missed last Saturday's meeting, you missed a wonderful story and presentation by Mae Gentry about tracing her African-American ancestors back to her 3rd Great Grandfather, a white slave owner, in S. Carolina.  Extra copies of her handouts will be available for you at the Research Center (once we reopen). 
Regards, Ginny 
Please check our secure downloads for the Mae Gentry presentation.

Mortgage Pledge Drive

We have a ways to go, saving to pay off the
mortgage. Our building houses a wonderful 
library, computer resources, and a place to 
meet for workshops, board meetings, the
writer's group, do research, and socialize
with other genealogists.  As a non-profit
our generated income comes mostly 
from dues, seminars, raffles, and research.
Our roof and ceiling problems will cause us to
tap into our reserves for insurance deductibles.


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